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Café Gratitude is committed to serving nutritious raw vegan delicacies as far and wide as possible.  We now sell a selection of our foods in grocery stores throughout the western United States.  Find a store near you to sample the following 100% raw and organic treats!



Vegan Coconut Ice Cream


Our ice cream is made with coconut milk, blended cashews, and chia seeds, and is sweetened with raw agave syrup.  Eat it plain as a sweet treat or use it to make a frothy homemade milkshake.

  Be Love Bars feature our signature vanilla ice cream and are hand dipped in a raw chocolate ganache.

  I Am I Am Sandwiches contain a heaping scoop of our vanilla ice cream smashed between two almond vanilla cookies, or a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream between dark chocolate almond cookies.

   Available by the pint in: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Mint Chocolate Chip


Raw Cookies


These cookies are handmade and dehydrated with love in small batches.  These are a personal favorite of many here at Café Gratitude, and are sure to win you over with their sweet chewy deliciousness!   


      Lemon-Coconut  ·  Thumbprint Seasonal Fruit  ·  Chocolate Fudge Walnut




Live Buckwheat Granola Granola




Our “I am Great” Granola is a chewy, crunchy snack made with sprouted buckwheat and almonds.  This live food will leave you feeling nourished and energetic.










"I Am Alive" Kim Chee



Our homemade Kim Chee is a vegan take on the traditional South Korean dish.  Mildly spicy, tangy, and tart.  This dish is probiotic and contains lots of vitamin C.


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