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thanks_givingOur  request is that you keep coming in, we will be open for at least a few months depending on the sales of our locations. We will be in communication with you along the way of our process.

Bring your friends, after all the Cafe Gratitude experience isn't going to be around much longer and you don't want to miss out on what we offer, it is pretty special.

We give our word to continue to provide the loving experience we are known for along with the best local organic vegan food. Your presence makes all the difference in the world to us right now.

You can always contribute to the Grateful Bowl program. We are still serving over 8000 bowls a month to many people in need of a good meal and a kind word. To contribute, stop by a location near you, or call to contribute over the phone (click here).

The holidays are coming and many of our retail items are wonderful holiday presents. Our Abounding River board game is a meaningful gift for family and friends, and it is the beginning of the Gratitude Movement. We promise if you play this game you will have conversations with the people you care about that bring you closer to one another and deepen your relationship. It is a wonderful way to keep alive in our community the work we have done together.

Take a look at our events calander (click here).  We are hosting many wonderful classes in the coming month, in San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, and beyond.  Join us to learn how to make your own raw delights.

If you have participated in any of our workshops, please take what you learned, that had value to you, and give it away!

If  not, come join one of our upcoming workshops (click here), they are still offered on a pay it forward basis. We would love to see you.

Be kind, offer forgiveness, acknowledge one another, take responsibility, be generous, know you will always be provided for and restore trust in all of your relationships.

We continue to keep our hearts open and to be filled with gratitude for everything.



Matthew and Terces Engelhart


If you would like to help support Matthew & Terces, read here.

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Gratitude !

We love the expansive feeling we get from cultivating an attitude of Gratitude.

What are YOU Grateful for today ?

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